Finding Funding Sources

November 15, 2016

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Repair the World

6022 Broad Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

$19.95 / person

(Limited to 30 Participants)

Do you need to obtain funding for your start up business, business expansion,

non profit or community program?


The  #ConnectingKing Vernard Alexander has been working hard to develop a comprehensive list of options to help you obtain funding. In addition to going over all the options, Vernard will give suggestions on Best Practices to help you get closer to obtaining funding. This includes finding traditional and nontraditional funding $20,000 or less.

Jason Jones

Jason has a strong background in management of people and systems. He has managed the SBA Micro-loan Program Technical Assistance grant funds and other financial resources effectively to connect current and potential borrowers with education opportunities. He has worked with third-party business education providers to plan and implement specialized workshops and seminars. Managed 13 consultants and 4 employees to help with specialized consulting for borrowers at one time. While project managing for 40 borrowers

simultaneously. He is also proficient with measuring and reporting results needed to make important strategic decisions for organizations to better plan for the future.

Jason has more than 12 years of experience in the banking and community development financial institution (CDFI) industry, most recently at Woodforest National Bank as Community Development Relationship Manager where he over sees 40 branches in Pennsylvania and 16 in New York for their Community Reinvestment Act requirements. He also manages 12 Community Development Relation managers in 6 states (Illinoi, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky) as a Community Development Regional Team Lead. He oversees that each branch has reached the required amount of service and financial literacy hours, while educating the retail team on what is happening in their community for opportunities to partner with community organizations. He is also responsible for meeting the lending goals in each MSA Assessment Area. 

Prior to working with Woodforest National Bank, Jason worked at few CDFI’s Bridgeway Capital and Christian Evangelistic Economic Development (CEED) at a couple of different capacities. He managed the Urban Entrepreneur program that gave access to working capital in the hands of underserved, underbanked, and smaller businesses to help get them to the next level. He was promoted to the Business Education Director where he was responsible for managing Consultants, employees, and borrowers through the Technical Assistance (TA) process. Jason was responsible for creating a comprehensive plan for Micro-lender (Businesses that borrowed fifty thousand dollars and less) to educate them on marketing, financials, and business and strategic plans.  

Jason has also worked in personal banking, customer service, and in the development of bank literacy programs for various organizations. In addition, he has worked with families and children as a Case Manager for Small Seeds, an organization that serves as a liaison between Children, Youth and Families services and families. He also volunteered for Operation Hope, an organization that pairs professionals and youths to be mentored in financial education. He received his B.S. in Organizational Leadership and his Master of Science in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University. Jason has been to numerous conferences to keep his skills sharp such as Opportunity Finance Network, The San Francisco Federal Conference, and AEO conference in D.C. just to name a few. He is a published writer, most recently in Talk Magazine Winter 2015 issue (Are Predatory Business Loans the Next Credit Crisis?).